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Fires2u.com is one UK’s largest distributors of Electric, Gas and Flueless Fires as well as Marble, Wood, Cast Iron and Limestone Surrounds. All there Fires and Fireplaces are at Low Prices and include Fast Free delivery. Fires2u.com sells fires by manufacturers such as Dimplex, Kinder, Dru, Flamerite, Flavel, Gallery Fireplaces, Valor, Wonderfires, Eko fires, Be Modern, Broseley, Burley, Pureglow, and Baxi to name a few. If you looking for a complete fireplace suite either gas or electric look no further! Fires2u.com also offer all there gas and electric fires with stunning fire surrounds, back panels and hearths all at Low Prices and Fast Free delivery!

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Basket Fires by fires2u.com

At fires2u.com we sell three different basket fires, gas fire baskets, solid fuel basket fires and electric fire basket fires. Please see more information below on these different baskets -

Gas fire baskets  come with cast iron fire baskets which are suitable for use with a gas fire. Fire baskets with gas burners are available in a wide variety of styles to suit traditional interiors, featuring Victorian and Art Deco fireplaces and modern designs, inspired by minimalist fire baskets and the Art Nouveau era. The individual gas fire baskets are available in a range of finishes including matt black, polished, or highlighted cast iron.

Electric fire baskets come with a cast iron or aluminium fire baskets which are suitable for use with an electric fire. Fire baskets with electric burners are available in a wide variety of styles to suit traditional interiors and Victorian fireplaces, along with contemporary designs, inspired by minimalist fire baskets and fire baskets from the Art Nouveau era. The individual electric fire baskets are available in a range of finishes including matt black, polished, or highlighted cast iron.

Solid fuel fire baskets are often fitted with limestone fireplace surrounds, marble fireplace surrounds or wooden fireplace mantels. A solid fuel fire basket kit includes a grate for the fuel to rest on, to increase air-flow around the fuel, with an ash pan to go underneath. Solid fuel fire basket suites are available in a wide range of styles to suit both period and contemporary interiors, inspired by cast iron Georgian and Victorian fireplaces and more modern fireplaces.

Thursday, 11 June 2015

Burley Perception 4264 Flueless Gas Fire

*Special offer only one in stock*

The Burley Perception 4264 is a flueless gas fire so no chimney or flue dont worry!

This Flueless gas inset fire product has a heat output 2.5kW and is a 100% efficient. The Burley Perception 4264 has a Realistic pebble fuel effect and comes with a stunning Black trim and fret.

This flueless gas fire comes standard with Manual control and  Natural Gas option.

The Perception 4264 Flueless gas fire minimum room size is 30m3. Ventilation and Cavity box included with this flueless gas fire!

At Fires2u.com we are selling this gas fire at just £425.00 and this price includes VAT and delivery to England and Wales

Burley introduced fixed flueless gas fires to Britain in 1999. Although the concept is relatively new in this country, fixed flueless gas fires have a long established history in Japan (where there are 40 million), the United States (approximately 20 million) and Australia. Fixed flueless gas fires give a combination of convenience, efficiency and safety which flued fires can never equal. We have entered an era of spiralling gas prices, gas shortages and global warming. It is short sighted to continue wasting energy at such a rate when there is an alternative product which is superior to flued fires in so many ways.
Most of the heat from an open flued gas fire or solid fuel fire goes straight up the chimney. By comparison 100% of the heat generated by a flueless gas fire goes to heating the room. Tests commissioned by Burley compared a 2.5kW flueless gas fire (Burley Environ), a typical 6kW inset flued gas fire (quoted efficiency 59%), a decorative flued gas fire and a 2kW electric fire. These tests showed that the flueless gas fire produced over 3 times more heat per kilowatt than the flued gas fire and over 12 times more heat than the decorative gas fire. In other words the flued gas fire lost over 70% of the heat up the chimney and the decorative fire lost over 90%. If the 15 million flued gas fires in Britain were replaced by flueless fires, the country would save around 23,500,000,000 kilowatts of gas every year (costing £1,600,000,000) which in turn would reduce carbon dioxide emissions by over 4,200,000 tonnes every year.
As Burley’s flueless gas fires do not rely on a chimney, they provide an unsurpassed level of safety to which flued fires can only aspire. Flues and chimneys can become blocked or adversely affected by down-draughts. Burley flueless gas fires are designed to burn the gas extremely cleanly without a flue. The burnt gases are then passed through a catalytic converter. Every Burley flueless gas fire has an oxygen depletion sensor which constantly monitors the air quality in the room. If the level of oxygen drops by just 1.5%, the fire automatically shuts down. Burley’s production method is unique. Every flueless gas fire we have ever made has been bench run for 30 minutes, during which time we monitor numerous combustion and safety criteria. Burley’s rigid test criteria for combustion are four times stricter than the European standards.

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Valor Valentia Balanced Flue at Fires2u

Today, Valor is one of Britain’s much-loved brands and one of the most recognised names in home heating – a far cry from the humble beginnings in 1890 when Valor first began manufacturing oil storage cylinders from a small factory in Ludgate Hill, Birmingham. Valor’s enviable reputation today is built on reliability, trust and safety and this stems from our unswerving commitment to create energy efficient heating solutions that surpass the needs of today’s modern lifestyles. At fires2u.com we are very proud to sell the complete Valor gas fire and electric fire collection and have just added the new Valentia Balanced flue gas fire to our website -

The new Valor Valentia Balanced Flue is a balanced flue gas fire combines impressive efficiency with a powerful heat output to provide affordable warmth for those homes that do not have a chimney. Available in a classic black design with chrome finish (as shown in images), it boasts 88% efficiency with a 3.57kW heat output and has a top positioned control which offers a choice of four heat settings.

This glass fronted living flame effect model is fitted with heat exchanger technology and can be either floor or wall mounted for added flexibility. It also has electronic ignition for ease of use and a disability-friendly control handle which comes as standard with this balanced flue gas fire.

*We have special introduction price of £619 which includes VAT and Delivery only until stock last*

To find your perfect Valor fires then visit our website today fires2u.com

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

The New Be Modern Fireplace suites and Electric Fireplace suites at Fires2u.com

We are very proud to have added some stunning new Be Modern Fireplace suites to our website and they all include an amazing two man delivery service that Be Modern offer all our customers. This service includes a two man delivery teams who are fully trained to ensure they load your Fireplace Suite or Electric Fireplace suite securely from the factory and transport it to a room of your choice downstairs. Also with your agreement if you would like Be Modern to remove the new products packaging on any of the Fireplace Suites on arrival, the drivers will arrange this and it will be returned to the Be Modern factory for recycling. 

The new Be Modern Dartford EcoElectric Fireplace suite is a 48” Electric Fireplace
•             Available in Natural Oak (as shown in the image) or Warm Oak with a Marfil Cream back panel and hearth
•             Featuring an Aspen electric fire in Chrome finish
•             Latest flame technology – LED’s for long life and low energy consumption
•             No chimney or recess required – flat to wall fix, ideal for any room installation
•             Thermostat control for energy efficiency
•             Electric Fire features 1kW/2kW heat settings and flame only effect setting

The new BeModern Lyndhurst Eco Electric Fireplace suite is a 48” (1210mm) Electric Fireplace available in Natural Oak or Warm Oak finish with Marfil Cream back panel & hearth. Complete with an 18” Athena electric fire with Chrome trim-
•             The electric fire Features control switches mounted conveniently on the side of the surround for easy access and operation
•             Latest flame technology – LED’s for long life and low energy consumption
•             No chimney or recess required – flat to wall fix, ideal for any room installation
•             Thermostat control for energy efficiency
•             Electric Fire features 1kW/2kW heat settings and flame only effect setting

The new Be Modern Ellonby fireplace surround includes a back panel and a hearth in either a Manila marble, Pearl stone marble, Marfil Marble or White Stone Marble or Black granite (see options below). This 50" (1270mm) fireplace surround comes with an adjustable rebate size of 45 and 75mm.

The Be Modern Avantgarde gas fire which is shown with this fireplace suite is not included in the price but can be found on our website!

The new  Be Modern Piera fireplacesuite comes in stunning Manila micro marble finish and includes surround, back panel and hearth. This suite comes in either 48" or 54" sizes and a 45mm rebate in the surround.

The Piera surround is available with under-mantel Smartsense lighting. Manufactured with long life LEDs which are mercury free and more energy efficient than traditional halogen bulbs. The LEDs incorporate Smartsense Technology which are controlled by a motion sensor, so no contact is required (Please note these down lights are available at additional cost please refer to our website).

The Be Modern Piera fireplace suite can be selected with a standard 'boxed & lipped' hearth (as shown in main image see below) or a stylish 5-sided hearth.

So what are you waiting for your perfect Fireplace suite is just a click away at Fires2u.com

Fires2u - Special Deals on Gas fires and Electric fires for Summer 2014

We want to tell you about three great deals on fires which have started today at www.fires2u.com -

The Valor Homeflame Bauhaus slimline high efficiency gas fire  is now just £199.99 in a pale gold finish and includes VAT and fast free Delivery -

The Celsi Accent Infusion electric hearth mounted fire features a contemporary fascia and is available in a choice of three color options; Brass, Silver or Black & Chrome Contemporary fascia. This Special offer price of just £169.00, is only until stock's last!

The Verine Fontana HE Hole in the Wall Balanced Flue Gas fire with 5.5kW heat output, and featuring an eye-catching graphite and stainless steel fascia. We only have one of these fires currently in stock for this special low price of £1499.00. which includes VAT and Delivery on a pallet directly to your home address!

If you have any questions on any of the above fires, please do not hesitate to contact us via email or phone; sales@fires2u.com sales@fires2u.comor 0844 800 8351!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Keep The Home Fires Burning With Gas..........great advise from Valor Gas fires!

With the current cold and very wet, more and more households will be reluctant to turn up the heating for fear of excessive fuel bills. Recent measures announced by the Energy and Climate Change Secretary to limit increases in household energy bills will provide few crumbs of comfort for the estimated 2.5 million people across the UK who are already looking to take out a loan of some sort just to make sure they can cover their fuel bills this year, according to uswitch.com.

The manufacture Valor gas fires are therefore promoting that gas remains by far the cheapest fuel to run and that gas fires are the most cost-efficient direct heating option available. Not only do gas fires offer warmth and visual comfort, they provide more than enough heat output to act as a primary source of heat for many living rooms. Please find the results Valor gas fires have researched so we can pass on to our customers -

Typically, 1kW of gas costs just 4.3p compared to nearly 13.5p for 1kW of electricity according to Sutherland Tables October ’13.  Not only that, running a gas fire is actually more beneficial to the environment too, as it delivers half the CO2 emissions of an electric fire.

The flame effect and authenticity provided by gas fires means they are still the number one choice for homes, despite the advances in electric fires over recent years. Combined with high heat efficiencies and low running costs, today’s gas fires offer affordable warmth, visual comfort and are a powerful weapon in the fight against fuel poverty.

Since the decline of solid fuel, gas fires have become the ‘heart’ of the British home and long may this continue. Against a backdrop of rising energy prices, it is our job to reassure heating installers and homeowners that aside from its superior aesthetics, gas is the most affordable and cost-efficient option available.

For those homes trapped in fuel poverty, the low running costs provided by a gas fire is a welcome relief. They can benefit from all the warmth and comfort of a gas fire without having to worry about excessive bills.

The gas-guzzling decorative gas fires from the 1980’s are now a thing of the past. Thanks to developments in technology, gas fires today are capable of delivering heat efficiencies of up to 89% and heat outputs of 4.8kW. For some living rooms, this is more than enough to act as a primary source of heat.

The elderly also benefit from the heat of a gas fire. During recent freezing winters, it is reassuring to know that they can rely on a gas fire. Even if their boiler breaks down due to condensate freeze, for example, they can stay safe and comfortable until everything is back up and running.

Whilst there are still 11 million homes in the UK with a chimney and a gas point, the absence of a chimney no longer restricts the installation of a gas fire. This is due to the wealth of balanced flue gas fire models now available that simply require an outside wall for installation.

Gas is also clean and convenient with no ash residue and odours. It is never subject to disrupted power supplies, and with no complex electronics to worry about, maintenance is minimal. Natural gas is also one of the safest sources of energy, and homeowners can rest assured that their gas fire has already obtained independent approval to qualify for CE marking.


Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Valor Homeflame Bauhaus High Efficiency Gas fire at fires2u.com

We want to tell you about our great deal for the Valor Homeflame Bauhaus slimline high efficiency gas fire which is now just £199.99 and includes VAT and Delivery!

This great Valor gas fire is proof that good looks need not come at the expense of heat efficiency. As well as minimalist design that will inspire creativity, Bauhaus gas fire boasts an impressive 3.1kW heat output and net efficiency of 89%. The Bauhaus Homeflame Slimline gas fire also features reflective back and sides that serve to create the illusion of a deep and realistic coal effect fuel bed. The solid cast front and one piece steel trim which is available in pale gold, will help create a striking centrepiece whatever the setting. This gas fire comes with fireslide control which can be adjusted to alter both flames and heat settings. This High efficiency gas fire has a 79mm slimline coal bed, which is safely enclosed behind the glass front, with the living flames adding spirit to this stunning design. This special offer price is only while stocks last and we currently only have 10 left in stock!!

So what you waiting for, your perfect gas fire is just a click away at Fires2u.com!