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Monday, 29 June 2020

DRU Gas fires and Stoves prices go up on 1st July 2020

Just two days left of our current low prices on the complete DRU gas fire and stove collection. As the manufacture DRU are having price increase on the 1st July.

Ring our sales line today on 0151 525 9980 and not only can we supply you with our prices but we can give you technical advise to make sure these stunning fires will be suitable for your home, as we have on site gas safe installer that has installed the complete range.

To see this full range of gas fires and stoves on our website click here

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Wednesday, 11 March 2020

DRU Metro Gas Fires

At Fires2u we are very proud to sell the comple DRU gas fire and stove collection including the breath taking Metro fire collection. 

Below is more information on this gas fire range -

The modern, sleek DRU Metro hole-in-the-wall gas fires was originally introduced in a classic, one metre wide model with realistic logs and lively flames. DRU however has now developed a Metro series of gas fires in a large selection of models, including 2 and 3-sided versions, see-through tunnel gas fires and room divider versions ranging in widths from 80 to 200 cm. 

The Metro series is the largest collection of gas fires by DRU. These gas fires range from 80 cm up to 200 cm wide. Each Metro gas fire is also available in different variations; so there is a Metro gas fire to match any interior. You can choose from front facing, 2 and 3 sided or see through tunnel models. In addition, the XTL options, the U model and tunnel models are ideal for room dividing walls and other architectural features.

Every DRU Metro gas fires feature the exclusive DRU ‘zigzag’ double burner system. This distributes the flames randomly amongst the logs, creating an authentic log fire effect with dense and high flames. All this range can be controled by using a remote control, smartphone or tablet so customers can have complete control over the flame picture and heat output of the gas fire in the home.

DRU Metro gas fires offer a choice of fire beds and interior styles. This means that customers can customise there metro gas fire to suit there own taste and interior décor, with different colour logs, stones or anthracite glass and a comprehensive selection of interior finishes. As well as choose of fuel bed, you also have a choice of interiors in smooth black or mirrored Ceraglass for greater depth of vision.

These innovative DRU Metro gas fires are all equipped with the energy-efficient Eco Wave digital control system. With an Eco Wave gas fire, you can easily reduce the power of the burner and maintain a beautiful flame picture using your tablet or smartphone. So you can enjoy comfortable heat without sacrificing the visual appeal of your gas fire.

If you want to find out anymore on this stunning gas fire range, then ring our office today on 0151 525 9980.

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Tuesday, 3 March 2020

DRU Gas fires and Stoves

The DRU brand is renowned throughout Europe for its contemporary gas fires, functional gas wall heaters and innovative fireplace technology. The brand is closely associated with the balanced flue system, which allows gas fires to be installed with or without a chimney. This was developed by DRU in the 1960s and is the basis for many thousands of gas appliances in todays market over 50 years later.

The DRU motto is ‘designed to be different’, which reflects the distinctive designs of its modern gas fires and the innovative technology behind all of its products.

With every fireplace DRU design, they imagine its role in the lives of customers. We constantly come up with better, cleaner and smarter solutions. This results in innovative and durable fireplaces that are unique and increase the ease of use and comfort for customers in the home. DRU also always design fires that strive for the maximum efficiency with the lowest emissions; the ideal combination of function, atmosphere and durability.
DRU in the last 10 years introduced the Global gas fire range which offer all the benefits of a quality DRU fires, but at a prices that are affordable for the average household. They have imaginative designs with robust engineering standards and are built to last for years and years to come.

Global gas fires
are available in both balanced flue and conventional flue formats. The balanced flue versions can be installed in homes with or without a traditional chimney, offering style, efficiency and flexibility. The conventional flue versions are designed to be inserted into Class 1 British or Irish chimneys, with ease and economy of installation.

Global gas fires are available in hole-in-the-wall, 2 and 3-sided and freestanding versions. There are also models with custom-designed fire surrounds, outer frames and even a cavity wall fire that can be installed into a brick wall or pre-cast flue.

To find out more about any of the DRU gas fire and stove range then ring Fires2u today on 0151 525 9980 and we cannot only advise you on full DRU price list but also offer you gas safe installation advice,

DRU 70xt gas fire

DRU Circo gas stove
DRU Maestro Eco Wave balanced flue gas fire

Tuesday, 18 February 2020

New Crystal Boston Wide Gas fire

For those looking for extra impact, the Crystal Boston Wide gas fire from Crystal Fires provides a wonderful, panoramic view of the flames through its landscape glass viewing window. Designed for installation into a conventional brick chimney. Once fitted into the wall, the Boston Wide will create a stunning feature with overall trim size 1040mm x 565mm.

With an impressive heat output of up to 4.6kW and is approx 73% efficiency rating, the NEW Crystal Boston Wide is supplied with a lovely log fuel effect and a choice of black or cream heat reflective fibre paneled interior. The standard manual controls are accessed from a flip-down section on the trim (see image below) or a remote control upgrade is also offered for additional cost option.
You can transform this gas fire with a vast selection of powder coated trim options to suit you individual taste. When fitted to manufacturers minimum height from the floor, the Crystal Fires Boston Wide does not require a hearth on the floor making this contemporary feature gas fire ideal for rooms where space is at a premium. To find out more on this item ring Fires2u on 0151 525 9980

Thursday, 23 January 2020

DRU Passo Eco Wave Stove

This cool free-standing DRU Passo Eco wave gas fire stove catches the eye thanks to its large round glass window. The flame patterns can be regulated by means of the integrated Eco Wave technology. The glowing effect at the bottom of the gas fire and high-stacked logs create a beautiful fire. The gas fire can be operated with a remote control or through your smartphone or tablet.

Main features of this stove:
  • Revolving door for easy cleaning
  • Available in the colours titan, pearl, nero, white, turquoise and light grey. For the colours white, light grey and turquoise, the side material is not available in the same colour
  • Beautiful high flame display and low gas use
  • suitable for natural gas only
  • Balanced flue stove
This stove is aviable at Fires2u and our DRU specialists can give you advise regards installation prio to purchase.

*Please ring 0151 525 9980 to find out our best price for this DRU fire and more information on this stunning stove*

Tuesday, 21 January 2020

Flamerite Glazer electric fires at fires2u

The New Flamerite Glazer electric fires really have the wow factor and are now available at fires2u.com. This electric fire comes in four different sizes 600, 900, 1000 or 1500 and this can be fitted as hole in wall fire or alternatively it can be combined within Flamerite own custom top section and/or hearth style. It also come with Panoramic display, which allows the electric fire to be installed as 3, 2 or 1 sided electric fire.

All the Flamerite Glazer electric fire range comes with innovative LED flames controlled by Flamerite Fire’s Smart eControl app. The low energy LED flame can be enjoyed with or without heat. The fire can be controlled both manually and via bluetooth. Flamerite Fire’s award winning Smart Econtrol app allows use of the advanced features, which include a thermostatically controlled 1.5kw heater, two dimmers, flicker control and a seven day timer.

The key features of these electric fires are –
  • Panoramic 3, 2 or 1 sided glass burn area
  • Cinderwood log effect with radiant burn
  • Thermostatically control 750W/1500W concealed fan heater
  • OmniGlide 2 position front glass with dimmable LED flame effect
  • iOS & Android app advanced feature (download required)
  • Manual control & optional Flamerite control tablet for additional cost option
  • This electric fire can be Inset or flat wall mounted 
*Please ring 0151 525 9980 to find out our best price for all the Flamerite fire electric fire range*

DRU Circo Gas Stove at Fires2u

The DRU Circo stove is an elegant and original gas stove. Standing over 1 metre high, this freestanding gas stove has a large viewing window that reveals a classic log fire with high, dramatic flames and generous warmth. This beautiful flame picture can be viewed from different locations around the fire, opening up many possibilities for location in the home.

The DRU Circo balance flue stove is a hugely popular gas stove with its versatility of installation, high output and 80% efficiency, it fits in with the modern large open spaced living and dining areas. This stove comes in Anthracite finish only.The curved viewing window and amazing flame pattern will enhance any living area.

For further information on this particular range of fires please call Fires2u DRU specialist who will discuss your exact requirements and advise on the most suitable and economical way to install the appliance and be able to provide a price including the components you require to ensure your fire arrives and is installed with the least inconvenience to yourself.

Contact number is 0151 525 9980

Fires2u starting price of this stove is £2813.00 which  includes 1 metre flue pipe, 90 degree elbow and wall terminal.

To find the main Spec, Technical and Installation information for this balanced flue gas fire stove please go to our website by clicking here